Results at Manor Field Infant and Nursery School 2016

GLD – Good Level of development results

  % All children


National 69

75% of our Pupil premium children achieved a GLD

Early learning goals (ELGs)

Proportion of children achieving at least the expected level in all 17 ELGs.

2015-16 66%
2014-15 63.24%
2013-14 49.06% 

The percentage of pupils achieving at least expected is improving year on year.


We surpassed our prediction of 66.2% made in January and achieved a 72% pass rate in June. Whilst our phonics scores are improving we did not meet the national score of 81%. This remains a focus for 2016-17.

Of the pupils who took the phonics test again in Year 2, 58% achieved the pass rate.

End of Key Stage 1

End of Key Stage 1 results

Number of pupils: 55

  School Expected or above National Expected

or above

Maths 56% 73%
Reading 76% 74%
Writing 66% 66%


  School Greater Depth National Greater Depth
Maths 20% 18%
Reading 29% 24%
Writing 7% 13%

The percentage of pupils achieving ‘expected’ in Reading, Writing and Maths combined is 53%, the national average was 60%.

The school’s performance for ‘expected’ is in line with or above national in reading and writing and below in Maths at Key Stage 1.

These pupils made good levels of progress as just 49% had achieved a GLD at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage in 2014.

The school results for ‘greater depth’ were above national in Maths and Reading but below in writing.  The focus for 2016-17 is increasing the number of pupils achieving ‘expected’ in Maths and ‘greater depth’ in writing. The school has attended statutory moderation and all results have been ratified.


2015 Results

2014 KS1