Sports Grant

PE Grant 2015/16

Manor Field Infant and Nursery School continues to be able to take an active part in Cluster and County sports activities as a result of receiving the PE Grant of £8,945 for the financial year 2015/16. We carried forward £6,382 from the previous year to make a total of £15,273

The grant was spent on the following-

  • Gymnastics coach for Yr.2
  • Cricket coach
  • Dance coach
  • PE subject leader to attend conference
  • PE course on gymnastics
  • Staffing for cluster events
  • Subject co-ordinator time to work with the able, gifted and talented
  • NPETCS training (accredited PE training)
  • PE Club coach
  • Swimming Long Stratton High School
  • PE equipment
  • Transport to events
  • Supply cover for PE co-ordinator

The impact was-

  • Higher quality PE lessons.
  • Additional after school club activities.
  • Pupils able to be able to continue to take part in competitions and a more competitive school ethos.
  • Team success in gymnastics with our able gifted and talented being successful at county competition level.
  • Wider choice and more regular access to sport.
  • Increased uptake in after-school sporting activities – helping us to work towards the cluster
  • focus to reduce cases of obesity in primary age children.

PE Grant
How we spent the money
• Gymnastics coach for all Year 2 pupils
• Subject co-ordinator keeping up with current practice and new national curriculum
• NQTs attending PE courses
• All Key Stage 1 pupils able to participate in sports festivals and swimming galas
• Part salary for cluster sports co-ordinator and events organiser
• Dance training for all teaching and HLTAs
• HLTA attending NPECTS training.
• Coaching has improved the pupils’ performance. The class teacher has observed the gymnastics coach and used the lessons as professional development. This has improved the teachers’ skills when taking PE lessons.
• Subject coordinator was kept up to date with current practice and New National Curriculum coverage. PE curriculum put in place for September 2014
• NQTs attended PE course covering all aspects of PE. NQTs better equipped to take PE lessons
• Pupils able to participate in football festival and Key stage 1 Dance Festival.
• Pupils have had the opportunity to attend events and join in, with or compete against, other pupils in the Long Stratton cluster.
• All members of the teaching staff have attended a half day’s training in dance. Resources were purchased so that dance skills can be developed across the school.
• HLTA attended and completed NPECTS PE training giving her the qualification to take PE lessons across the school.