Year 2



Manor Field Infant and Nursery School

Curriculum overview – Year 2 Summer Term 2017

Core Story: James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

Subject We will be learning How you can help
English As writers we will be writing a range of different texts based around our core story of James and the Giant Peach. We will be writing a character description and will be re-writing a section of the story.

As readers we will be reading other stories written by Roald Dahl. We will also be using information texts to research minibeasts and habitats.

Listen to your child read each day and record it in their homework book.


Read a range of non-fiction texts relating to minibeasts and habitats in the local environment.


Maths As mathematicians we will be consolidating our knowledge of number, shape and measures. We will be using all of these skills to solve a range of problems. Continue to practise recall of number facts for all 1 digit + 1 digit and 2, 5 and 10 times table facts.  Practise telling the time to the quarter hour or to the nearest five minutes.


Science As scientists we will be finding out about habitats and the animals that live in them.  We will also be learning about food chains.  In Science Week we will be exploring the life of bees and their impact on the environment. Explore your garden or an outdoor area to see what minibeasts and habitats you can find. Use books or the Internet to find out about a simple food chain.


History and Geography We will be joining in with activities during history week. These will all be linked to life in the 1960s. Ask an adult about their experiences of life in the 1960s. Find out about a historical event that happened during the 1960s.
Computing We will be developing our word processing skills on the computer and learning how to save and retrieve our work. Complete homework activities on the VLE with your child.


R.E. In R.E. our main faiths will be Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. In the first half term we will be finding out about Christian values and linking this to our visit to Norwich Cathedral. In the second half of the term our focus will be on religious artefacts and symbols. Ask your child about their visit to Norwich Cathedral. Discuss the family values that you have and compare them to school values. Are any the same?


P.E. Over the course of the term our focus will be on coordinating and controlling followed by challenging and competing after half term. We will be learning country dances to perform during the second half of the term. Take your child swimming to help them to become confident in the water.  Take part in games/activities that require coordination and control e.g. riding a bike.


Music In music the children will learn to sing songs and listen and respond to a range of music. We will also be preparing for our end of year performance. Listen to music from the 1960s. What instruments can you hear? What songs do you like? What artists do you like the sound of?


SMSEC (Social, Moral, Spiritual, Emotional and Cultural) We will continue to follow PATHS and GR8 AS U R. In the second half of the term our focus will be on transition. Talk to your child about moving to a new school. Encourage them to write a list of things that they are looking forward to and anything that is worrying them.


End of Year Expectations for Year 2